Our signature dream retreat. A mini-shift with maximum benefit, escape into a week-long, soul-quenching immersion that combines all of the nourishment we offer – including daily pampering massages – into a complete whole-being reset.



Daily Spa Treatment of Your Choice (6 total) - You will receive a nurturing body treatment for each full day of your stay for the ultimate indulgence and self-care. Combine any six 90-minute sessions from our spa menu to curate your perfect experience.

Plus, everything included in The Rejuvenation Retreat:

Full-service deliciously clean meals - You are invited to order anything you want, any time you want, from our nutrient dense Primal Whole Foods Menu (several plant-based options included)

All freshly-pressed juices, smoothies, fresh coconut water, and organic teas - You are welcome to order any of these throughout the day at your leisure

Luxury private bungalow - A soothing place for restorative relaxation and sleep. Slip into your dreamy sheets, or cleanse in your indoor/outdoor shower, to the soothing sounds of the jungle.

Signature Primal Yoga & Movement classes - Our yoga and mindful movement classes flow between activation and restoration throughout the day, so your body remembers the innate joy of being alive.

Primal Fitness classes - Engage in progressive body movement exercises that take you to your edge while strengthening your mind-body connection

Breathwork/Meditation classes - as an essential add-on to our morning yoga class, we include these grounding practices to energize your day

Unlimited access to our stunning new hydrotherapy circuit which includes: saltwater pool area with custom-made sauna, cold plunge pool, and saltwater hot tub. Experience the power of water therapy for detox in mind, body, and spirit.

Fascia-blasting classes taught by certified fascia-blasting instructors showing you how to use the fascial-manipulation tools and cold plunge to help reduce pain and the appearance of cellulite. Exclusive to Hacienda Del Sol.

Guided hike and jungle bathing - discover the energetic recharge available to you in the vital jungle

Cooking class learn our tricks and bring them home with you

Hacienda Del Sol Signature Food To-Go on the day you leave to skip airport food

Daily sunset beach shuttles - Receive the peace & release of the sunset while enjoying ocean therapy


We all deserve – and need – to ‘hit pause’ periodically and immerse ourselves in a full detox from the fast-paced world that is constantly pulling on our time, energy, and attention.

We designed this retreat to help you slow down, unwind, and deeply receive, so that you can go back into your life with an overflowing cup.

You will leave recharged and refreshed with the clarity and energy you need to to pour purposefully into your creations, routines, and relationships.

With just a little bit of a schedule to help you stay grounded, this retreat offers the freedom to attend any class you like (or to skip the class in favor of a luxurious nap pool-side instead!).  

You also get full access to all of our clean, naturally-detoxifying menus. The magic is that everything tastes delicious and bursts with nutrients that make you feel vibrant – giving you an overall lightness of being.

Plus, we’ve included lots and lots of massages.


This retreat combines our nutritious movement classes, delicious and cleansing food, nature-immersive healing amenities, and daily replenishing spa treatments into a single program that allows you to fully unplug from life’s daily stressors.

As your body naturally detoxes, so too will your mind and spirit, allowing you to let go of anything that is no longer serving you – physically, emotionally, and energetically.

With a special focus on integrating the body, mind, and spirit, all of our spa treatments will restore harmony, bring you back into alignment, and effortlessly melt away stress. Here is a curated list of what you might select:

Rejuvenating Deep Tissue Massage - Settle into your stay with this blissful full-body massage. Your highly skilled therapist will use slow, firm, and guided strokes to release tension with a unique blend of deep tissue modalities and variations of pressure are combined per your preferences.

Rebalancing Body Work Session - On your second day, enjoy this signature service that is unique to our origins. We are home to the School of Rebalancing founded by Menlha Bruneau, also the founder of Hacienda Del Sol. Our Rebalancing Bodywork Therapists have been trained by Menlha to read the body and design a custom session that enhance fluidity and ease of movement.

Detox Massage - Now that you are dropped in, it's time to really let go. On Day 3, this detoxifying massage will cleanse the body of toxins and boost your natural filtration system. A combination of techniques - including Lymphatic Drainage, Cupping Massage, Deep Tissue, Reflexology, and the use of topical minerals - will also alkalize and restore the body.

Biodynamic Craniosacral - To help you integrate all the benefits you've been receiving, enjoy one of our most sought after treatments with our founder, Menlha. In this session, Menlha works to increase the movement of fluids in and around the central nervous system. Creating a free flow of this fluid is crucial for the entire system to function properly.

Fascia-Blasting Body Treatment - No stay would be complete without the myriad of benefits a Fascia Blasting session provides. Fascia Blasting is a form of fascial manipulation using specific tools to clear the sticky adhesions responsible for cellulite, muscle and joint pain, toxic stuck energy, and stagnant circulation. This session is depuffing magic.

Body Scrub - Finish your stay with the ultimate pleasure! Body scrubs are a luxurious way to indulge yourself, nurture your skin, and support overall well-being. The massage and exfoliation process promotes circulation, skin cell turnover, and detoxification. By removing dead cells from the skin’s surface, your skin renews itself and can better absorb moisture and nutrients. The result is healthy, radiant skin.

Please note, all suggested treatments are subject to availability at the time of booking.


This retreat is a minimum of 7 nights and is recommended for up to 21 nights.

Arrival and departure dates are flexible. Inquire for availability.

Double Occupancy
(per person)
Single Occupancy
(per person)
Standard Rates / 7 Nights *Quoted in USD
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
High Season January 6 - April 30
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
Holiday Season December 20 - January 5
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
*Please note all prices exclude the required 13% Costa Rican IVA tax which will be applied at check out.
(*) Tierra These bungalows have the smallest layout. They also have smaller desks and small, ensuite bathrooms with showers. Read more about Tierra

(*) Pura These bungalows have the second largest layout and larger ensuite private bathrooms with indoor/outdoor shower option. They also have large, teak desks making them more suitable for working from paradise. Read more about Pura

(*) Cielo – Our four extra-premium, newly-renovated (2022) Cielo bungalows have the highest-end finishes, largest layout, and large ensuite bathrooms with indoor/outdoor showers and luxurious floating stone bathtubs on your large private terrace Read more about Cielo


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