Escape to Costa Rica to cleanse and revitalize your body with pure, natural, cold-pressed juices and over 25-years of expertise to guide you. Our renowned juice cleanse will fill your body with inflammation-fighting, energy-boosting, detoxifying superfoods that support optimal vitality.



7-Days of Detoxing. This includes your detox-specific meals before and after the juice cleansing.

Specialty Juice Plan which includes 6-days of cold pressed juices made from superfoods and produce that we grow right on our property.

Four personal or small group consultations with one of Hacienda Del Sol’s expert juice facilitators.

Daily Colemas that support a deep cleanse of the colon with the help of specific fiber drinks.

One Liver Flush to clear and cleanse one of your most vital detoxification body systems.

Plus, everything included in the Rejuvenation Retreat (with the substitution of your specialty juice cleanse meal plan):

Our luxury private bungalows ensure a soothing place for restorative relaxation and sleep

Signature Yoga & Movement classes - Our yoga and mindful movement classes flow between activation and restoration throughout the day

Primal Fitness classes - Engage in progressive body movement exercises that take you to your edge while strengthening your mind-body connection

Breathwork/Meditation classes - as an essential add-on to our morning yoga class, we include these grounding practices to energize your day

Unlimited access to our stunning new hydrotherapy circuit which includes: saltwater pool area with custom-made sauna, cold plunge pool, and saltwater hot tub

Fascia-blasting classes taught by certified fascia-blasting instructors to help reduce pain and the appearance of cellulite. Exclusive to Hacienda Del Sol

Hacienda Del Sol signature food to-go on the day you leave to skip airport food

Guided hike and jungle bathing - discover the energetic recharge available to you in the vital jungle

One cooking class learn our tricks and bring them home with you

Daily sunset beach shuttles - Receive the peace & release of the sunset while enjoying ocean therapy


This retreat is for anyone suffering congestion, bloating, excess weight, inflammation, skin issues, immunity issues or a general feeling of heaviness or dullness in body and mind.

It’s for both new as well as seasoned juice cleansers. A deep reboot at the cellular level for all systems of the body, you will be flushed and refreshed from the inside out.

This retreat is more scheduled than the yoga retreat with a daily plan of specific juices and treatments that one of our experts will guide you through, so this is for you if you don’t want to worry about the details.

Please note that Hacienda Del Sol is not a medical facility and does not have medical staff. You need to get clearance from your doctor to participate in our juice cleanse program.

Furthermore, for your own safety, due to the changes in gut absorption, you cannot participate in a liver flush if you are taking certain medications. For more information please contact us before you complete your booking.


  • Reduction in bloating, constipation, diarrhea and other digestive issues, with the help of daily colemas and twice daily psyllium husk purification “shakes”.
  • A strengthening of the immune system through detoxing your body and a clean better working colon (a big part of our immune system is in the colon).
  • An aid in achieving weight loss. It is important to note, however, that after a juice cleanse, one must alter their eating habits to sustain weight loss.
  • Promotes eating in moderation. Those who undergo juice cleanses report feeling as if their stomach has shrunk, which eases food cravings, while resetting the palate to enjoy more nutritious foods.
  • Inflammation gets reduced and healed Studies have shown that juice cleanses can greatly reduce inflammation in your body through cellular repair.
  • A boost of energy and glowing skin – with toxins out of your body, your cells produce clean energy.
  • A more flexible and toned body through our signature primal yoga during the weekdays and Costa Rican jungle hikes on the weekends.
  • An overall more relaxed and peaceful state of being and better sleep. Your mind is cleansed from daily issues, as you gain presence and perspective and rest deeply.


Due to the nature of this retreat, there is a maximum of 10-nights. This retreat may be combined with other retreats for multiple week stays.

Arrival and departure dates are flexible. Inquire for availability.

Double Occupancy
(per person)
Single Occupancy
(per person)
Standard Season: June 1 - October 31
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
High Season: November 1 - May 31 (Holiday Season Dates Excluded)
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
Holiday Season: December 20 - January 5
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
**Please note all prices exclude the required 13% Costa Rican IVA tax which will be applied at check out.

(*) Tierra These bungalows have the smallest layout. They also have smaller desks and small, ensuite bathrooms with showers. Read more about Tierra

(*) Pura These bungalows have the second largest layout and larger ensuite private bathrooms with indoor/outdoor shower option. They also have large, teak desks making them more suitable for working from paradise. Read more about Pura

(*) Cielo – Our four extra-premium, newly-renovated (2022) Cielo bungalows have the highest-end finishes, largest layout, and large ensuite bathrooms with indoor/outdoor showers and luxurious floating stone bathtubs on your large private terrace Read more about Cielo


Signature Massage 3-Pack – $420

Restore your body, rebalance your nervous system, renew your spirit. Select from any of our available massages or treatments valued at $160.

Rejuvenating Deep Tissue Massage 10-Pack – $1400

This pack applies specifically to our Rejuvenating Deep Tissue Massage, a full-body massage with a special focus on integrating the body, mind, and spirit, and calming the nervous system. This massage is designed to effortlessly melt away stress and tension, as different methods and variations of pressure are combined depending on your preferences. Your highly skilled therapist will get to know you and your body over the course of these sessions to restore the deepest alignment possible. Alternatively, select from any assortment of our available massages or treatments valued at $160.

Rebalancing Structural Bodywork 10-Pack – $1400

We are home to the School of Rebalancing founded by Menlha Bruneau, also the founder of Hacienda del Sol. Our Rebalancing Bodywork Therapists have been trained by Menlha to read the body, observing both what is in balance as well as what may be improved to support greater ease, mobility, and comfort. Your expert therapist then designs your custom sessions to create a sequence of treatments that work through each area of the body using specialized joint mobilization and deep tissue release techniques.

Please note that ten packs are recommended for stays of at least 14-nights


Choose from a selection of the best detox therapies. We recommend any combination of Detox Massages, Body Scrubs, and Fascia Blasting, however you may customize your pack with your preferred treatments of choice. Our staff will happily guide you in selecting available options.

5-Pack – $800

10-Pack – $1600 – For stays 14-nights or longer.


Includes five 90-minute fascia blasting deep tissue bodywork sessions that release the ‘gristle’ in your tissue using special tools to smooth cellulite, release lymph stagnation, reduce joint discomfort and muscle tension, clear stored trauma, break up adhesions and scar tissue, and increase mobility and circulation.

With this pack you will be working with one practitioner with whom you will develop a nourishing and supportive relationship. She will work with you to design a series of five sessions perfect for your needs.

5-Pack – $800


Network Spinal Analysis is a gentle, holistic wellness technique that focuses on healing through the nerves. A series of personalized sessions, consisting of gentle contacts along the spine, entrain the brain in establishing new neural connections associated with ease and well-being. These new pathways can then override the old, destructive, stress patterns.
Whether you’re hardwired trauma pattern is physical, mental or emotional, this re-organization of the nervous system will shift you from chronic tension to harmony, balance, and adaptability.
In depth assessment of the nervous system using a thermographic scan and comprehensive health interview is included for targeted support and progress checks.
4-Pack – $560
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