Our proximity to the ocean is no coincidence. Every element of our wellness resort has been curated to support your healing experience, and we treat water as a powerful therapeutic tool.

Our exquisite natural-stone saltwater pool area with custom-made sauna, cold plunge pool, and saltwater hot tub epitomizes our therapeutic approach. Hot and cold therapy work together at a molecular level to improve vascular, mitochondrial, metabolic, and mental health.


Drop into our smooth and soft salt-water pool to refresh and move your body in any way that feels good. Get your blood flowing and your muscles moving with ease and joy, as you gaze into the blue sky and the soothing jungle surrounding you. Feeling your body respond in pleasure at this natural play.


Then slip into our salt-water hot tub as your muscles and mind melt into pure relaxation. You feel weightless as the water helps ease any inflammation or nerve issues, while balancing out emotions.


Now, gently dip yourself all the way into to our cold-plunge pool. As you enter a meditative state of deep breathing, your mind is blissfully empty and all the systems of your body come online, regulating metabolism, hormones, immunity, digestion, as well as purifying blood and increasing energy levels by generating new mitochondria.


After the cold, the sauna feels blissful as the heat makes your mitochondria more efficient, resulting in better oxygenation. You can feel your body releasing old toxins through your pores, as you detox, cleanse, and clear anything that no longer serves you.


You finish with a cool rinse in the shower as the water washes away any impurities that have been released, refreshing you for the nourishing, delicious, clean meal that awaits you. But first you take just a few minutes to lie kissed by the healing vitamin-D sunshine, as you integrate your exhilarating hydrotherapy experience, ready for life’s adventures.

Please note that our beautiful pool area underwent these stunning renovations this fall. As we await new website photos, the images we have here are currently renderings.

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