We are situated in Costa Rica’s Pacific coastal jungle. We share our land with the monkeys, birds and other beautiful wildlife indigenous to the region.

At night you can hear the ocean waves crash into shore from your cabina, or watch the moonlight cast a fluorescent glow on the water while digging your feet into the black sand beach. We honor nature’s bounty and strive to have minimal impact on the earth.

We are committed to giving back to our community and creating opportunities where there otherwise are none. As residents of San Juanillo for over 25 years, we feel honored to be in a position to create better living and learning conditions for our extended Tico family.


  • Our greenhouse and farm provides much of the naturally-grown food served in our restaurant and juice bar.
  • We provide you with all-natural, biodegradable bath products, and encourage their use. If you must bring your own bath products from home, we ask that you ensure they are biodegradable.
  • We include native plants that provide food and shelter for the local animal population in our garden design.
  • We treat wastewater without using chemicals and re-use the water for irrigating the resort’s lush tropical gardens.
  • We use environmentally friendly and organic pesticides, herbicides and fertilizers.
  • We compost raw food waste from our restaurant and juice bar to make organic fertilizer for our gardens.
  • We recycle 90% of the resort’s waste.
  • Our solar panels provide a renewable energy source that heats hot water for all of our guest rooms.
  • We hire and train 60% of our staff from the surrounding area.
  • We offer free English classes for our Tico staff.
  • We support local projects that promote sustainable development of the community.
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