We are honored to introduce you to our gifted team, as we welcome you to our Hacienda Del Sol family.



Crystal brings a rare combination of business, design, and creative vision to Hacienda Del Sol. Her gift is to create magical spaces of transformation by working cooperatively with the land to bring out its highest healing potential, curating each element of your experience for your deepest healing journey. She healed her own disordered eating through our method and is committed to bringing this freedom to others.



Ramiro leads research and innovation for Hacienda Del Sol as our Program Director and Head Certified Keto and Primal Coach. Dedicated to continually expanding our method for your optimal wellness support, he brings a strong sense of clear mission to our team. A former psychologist turned fitness fanatic, Ramiro healed his own obesity through the Hacienda Del Sol methodology and is passionate about reconnecting others to their body-wisdom.


General Manager

Our beloved JJ always has a smile on his face, and when you meet his happy heart, you can’t help but smile with him. He loves taking care of our guests and anything they need. JJ was born here in Costa Rica and has his Bachelors in Hospitality. In his free time, you will find him surfing.


Director of Operations

With a deep love for Hacienda Del Sol and a gift for communication and cultivating connection, Steffie leads our business operations and marketing with heart, while ensuring our public voice is always an authentic expression of our core essence. Her background is in sacred business creation, which brings source energy into its exalted form.


Reservations specialist

With a managerial aptitude and a passion for the arts, Quen has over 14 years experience in the healing arts hospitality/tourism field and 15 years in the commercial arts and entertainment field. A huge part of her professional success lies in her organizational skills, attention to detail, and ability to support, communicate and connect with people.

Chef Victor

Executive Chef

With more than 12 years' experience in wellness cuisine, our creative Chef Victor is an expert in combining flavors by mixing modern cuisine with Costa Rica culture to create magical and balanced plates. He believes that we can heal through food, while enjoying the process with delicious options. He always has a sweet smile on his face, leading the kitchen staff with good energy and love that is transmitted to our guests through every dish.


Receptionist & Concierge

Mary comes to us originally from Nicaragua. When asked what she likes best about her work, she says it’s the satisfaction of helping our guests have a magical experience when they stay with us and seeing how grateful they are to be here and how great they can feel. She has a Bachelors in Tourism and Hotel Business Administration.


Primal/Keto Facilitator + Nutritional Coach

Jorge considers his past 3 years at Hacienda del Sol a gift. He is honored to serve a place of such authentic spiritual and biological growth and healing. Jorge has used the very methods he teaches to overcome insomnia, gut issues, and brain fog. Once recovered, he began his podcast, wrote a book, and became a certified Primal Health + Nutritional Coach.



Menlha is the founder of Hacienda Del Sol and the creator of the world-renowned School of Rebalancing. As our Biodynamic Craniosacral Therapist, Menlha works to increase the movement of fluids in and around the central nervous system. Menlha has the most calming energy presence and you instantly feel grounded the moment you meet her.


Rebalancing Retreat Facilitator

Shar has been with us for over 10 years facilitating retreats, leading yoga, and offering healing massages. She currently provides Rebalancing, Thai Chi Oil, and Deep Tissue massage treatments. Shar is also a Yoga Therapist and Registered Nurse. Spending the majority of her career in the healthcare field, she blends her knowledge of both Eastern and Western perspectives in her bodywork treatments.


Fascia Release Retreat Faciliator

Born in Costa Rica, Vera has a special connection to the land. In addition to being one of our Fascia Release Facilitators, she is one of our head movement facilitators. She has studied several forms of yoga and massage since 2015 and became a part of our team in 2019. She is inspired by guests’ transformational experiences and enjoys being a part of that through teaching and hands-on body therapies.


Head Cleanse Facilitator

Mascha is trained in Naturopathic Medicine, Acupressure, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Deep Tissue massage, Lymphatic massage, and Somatic Experiencing/Trauma Healing. Her unique training gives her a comprehensive understanding of, and passion for, the benefits that detoxing has on the body - as she masterfully and lovingly holds space for each client's transformation.


Our Mission

To elevate the body’s sense of safety to its primary importance in our overall well-being, through the care and repair of our nervous system and biorhythms – with nourishing food, movement, rest, nature, breath, hydration, connection, and pleasure – as the portal that allows us physical, emotional, and mental freedom and returns us home to our essential nature.

Our Origins

Ramiro and Crystal became owners of Hacienda Del Sol in 2012, when it was transitioned to them with mindful intention by Crystal’s mother, Menlha (who still is involved in Hacienda as one of our gifted healers). 

Devoted stewards of the land upon which Hacienda resides, Ramiro and Crystal renovated Hacienda Del Sol with thoughtful upgrades and brought in innovative new healing programs – yet have always kept and honored the intimate boutique feel of Hacienda and the original healing essence of what Menlha wanted to create. We are a nature-immersive resort that honors the land with ‘nothing extra’.

A true family business, Crystal and Ramiro are dedicated to cultivating and deepening the energy in Hacienda Del Sol that it’s always been known for: the welcoming feeling of coming home to your infinite light within.

How We Serve

We at Hacienda are here in devotion to your ‘Sol’ – your inner sun, your soul, your ESSENCE.

Hacienda refers to the ‘body’ that houses the ‘sol’.

It is through the care and tending of the body that we reveal our essential nature and our infinite potential, which shines out to the world nourishing all those whom it blesses in its path.

Because we serve the core energy of your ‘Essence’, we are always here to support the deepest thing inside of you that desires to come home to Who You Really Are.

Our spaces are designed for you to feel at home.

Soft. Safe. Warm. Calming. Nourishing. Restorative. Supportive. Gentle. Nurturing.


We create the ‘Hacienda’ to hold you as you replenish, revitalize, repair, and restore.

We are here in service to your essential nature by reinstilling the innate safety and trust you came into this world with. A return to the body as the pathway to our true selves.

This is our mantra:  In my body, I am home.

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