Life Nutrition for The Nervous System™


All of our specially-crafted retreats aim to renew, revitalize, and restore you from the inside out. And they all share one vital ingredient in common – our Hacienda del Sol Wellness Method of Life Nutrition for the Nervous System.™

Life Nutrition means deeply receiving nourishment from every element that brings the body back to its optimum state.

The 8 Elements of Life Nutrition:


Nutrient-Dense, Delicious Food


Nutritious Movement


Deep Rest and Sleep


Nature Immersion and Heliotherapy (sun)


Oxygenated Breath


Hydration and Hydrotherapy (water)


Support and Connection


Sensorial Experience


These eight foundational elements are at the heart of everything we do, so that you can journey back to your natural state of wellness

Each space in Hacienda Del Sol has been mindfully created as an integral part of the transformational journey to hold you inside of this soft strength.

Combining ancient knowledge with modern science, our curated offerings are woven from this supportive foundation.


The state of your nervous system determines how you perceive reality and the quality of your life.

As a society, despite all our advancements, we are living in a state of near-constant survival.

As the body diverts energy to its fight, flight, or freeze responses – and gets stuck there, this activation creates a chemical response that results in:

Weight problems

Sluggish digestion

Fatigue (or feeling wired but tired)

Decreased libido

Body aches and pains

Skin sagging


Worry and overwhelm


Hormonal issues


Blood pressure issues

Brain fog

Weak muscle tone

Immune and autoimmune challenges


Challenges in relationships

Emotional reactivity

You may try various methods to change your behaviors to ‘fix’ your symptoms, but nothing at the mental, behavioral, emotional, or spiritual level will stick, unless we first tend to the source of the primal stress response, and where all trauma is stored – inside the body.

Everything we do at Hacienda del Sol supports this bottom up approach of caring for our being, starting with tending to our animal selves, so that transformation begins at the root cause for lasting change.

We do this with reverence for ancient holistic technologies of the earth that for eons have brought us back to home to our essential nature.

The Deeper Why

When your body begins functioning optimally, it becomes your inner compass and reconnects you to your intuitive knowing. As you start to listen to its messages – and respond accordingly, you regain confidence in your self-authority.

You begin trusting yourself. 

All of this renews your innate sense of safety, from which place you source real purpose and power – allowing your unique essence to shine through.

Pouring into the world from this overflowing cup, you receive even more Life Nutrition in return. 

And the upward spiral continues.


Not all stress is bad stress, and not all stress can be avoided. By recalibrating your natural biorhythms with the foundation of the 8 Elements of Life Nutrition, we not only help you eliminate unhealthy stress, we support you in being able to better respond to all stress.

This builds greater capacity, resiliency, and flexibility in your nervous system.
With this aim of reactivating the regulatory and regenerative power of the body – by creating conditions that allow your body to better respond to the stressors of modern day life, everyday follows a cycle of:

Sympathetic Nervous System Activation
Primal yoga + fitness sessions + jungle walks in the morning, followed by:

Parasympathetic Nervous System Activation
Meditative and restorative movement classes + beach strolling & sunset watching in the afternoon.

From here, your central nervous system can calm and regulate, and in turn, restore your body’s natural ability to function optimally.


Our signature method returns you to the state you are meant to be living in the majority of the time: Safety.

From this place, you feel calm, centered, grounded, secure, easeful, open, trusting, relaxed, authentic, compassionate, curious, mindful, clear, energized, connected, sovereign, and present.

Your body in its infinite wisdom begins to return its lifeforce to all the systems that it had previously cut off in order to divert its energy to the stress response.

Vitality courses through you:

Metabolism regulates

Weight optimizes

Muscle tone increases

Hormones rebalance

Inflammation releases

Mobility is enhanced

Libido returns

Digestion normalizes

Sleep deepens

Circulation increases

Detox processes turn on

Our experience of pain lessens

You develop a conscious relationship with your body that makes it your best ally.

And, instead of unconsciously living in the red zone of reactivity (or completely shut down in collapse), we are able to hold our emotions and become aware of the thoughts and behaviors that are no longer serving us. We witness and release them with gentleness, from their core, where they were previously stored in the traumatized tissues of our body. 

Your true self can only emerge when your body no longer believes its living under constant threat. From there, the emotions, mind, and spirit are free to unwind organically and uplevel exponentially, and any work done at these levels actually creates shift.

We are here to support you in your highest growth, from the foundational tending of the body – which houses your infinite essence – to creating an aligned life that is the masterpiece of your ultimate pleasure, passion, purpose, and potential.


All of our meals contain nutrient-dense, locally-sourced whole foods, which are rich with living enzymes, fiber, plant and local animal proteins, healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals.

Naturally grain-, dairy-, and sugar-free, we are firm believers in feeding our bodies as they were designed to eat, what we call ‘primal’, for maximum energy and nourishment.

Because our modern diets are so nutrient-depleted, our bodies are starving even if we are eating ‘enough’ calories. This puts undue pressure on the nervous system, which thinks it’s in a famine state – causing an exacerbated, constant stress response. Skipping meals just worsens the situation.

When you stay with us, this imbalance gets corrected and the body finds its metabolic equilibrium.



In addition to all of our food being grain-, sugar-, and dairy-free, Hacienda Del Sol offers 3 different types of speciality meal plans:

  • Primal Keto – our ever-changing Daily Primal Specials menu is naturally carb-controlled for 25 net carbs per day
  • Vegetarian (with fresh juices and several raw vegan options) – our signature menu
  • Juice Cleanse

The Primal Keto and Vegetarian options can be chosen by meal via our two daily menus (e.g. our Daily Primal Specials menu for primal keto and our Signature Menu for vegan/vegetarian). You may also select from both menus to create a delicious and nourishing ‘Simple Primal’ daily diet.

All options on both menus are considered ‘Primal Blue Zone’ Cuisine.

Note that the Juice Cleanse meal plan must be led by a facilitator in the custom retreat and wellness pack designed for this option.


At Hacienda Del Sol we believe that physical movement should be treated as a nutrient that feeds your body’s freedom to move: creating space, gaining pain-free mobility, and melting away stress hormones.

We also believe in cultivating a deep and mindful connection with your body, in order to use it more efficiently and not force it into chronic shut down. In other words, ‘more’ is NOT better.

Activities that support this process are what we call ‘Nutritious Movement’.

This is achieved by physically and mentally reaching your edge, but not pushing past it.

Our class offering are all rich with nutritious movement that feeds your body, rather than depletes it.


Every element of our resort – from our boutique bungalows to our zen-like pool area – was designed for optimal comfort and ease so that when you lie contentedly in your hammock or sink into your cloud-like bed listening to the white noise of soothing jungle sounds, you rest and sleep deeply.

We invite you to slow down to the pace of being.

In addition to our comprehensive menu of Spa and Healing Services, all of our retreats offer flexible downtime to simply journal, relax, reflect, and be.


We can live for weeks without food. Days without water. But only minutes without breath.

Awareness of breath is what helps us feel present, alive, and connected to our spirit.

Oxygen is incredibly vital for the nervous system. This is part of why being immersed in nature can be so healing. The plants breathe life into you with their exhales of oxygen. And you breathe life into them with your exhales of carbon dioxide. You feel CONNECTED. Symbiotic.

Breathing alone can tell your body that you are safe.

Oxygen reduces inflammation in the body, which mitigates seemingly unrelated mental and physical symptoms.

For this reason, we have incorporated breathwork classes into our regular schedule.


Our bodies are made of earth and water – we are resonant with it. Water cleanses, soothes, and calms, both energetically and physically.

This pertains not only to the quality and quantity of water we drink, which includes electrolytes and minerals, but also to immersing yourself in natural bodies of water for holistic healing – like our natural stone salt water pool or nearby ocean.

Also, we apply the age-old practice of hot and cold hydrotherapy in our sauna, saltwater hot tub, and cold-plunge pool for its proven effect on strengthening resilience in the nervous system.

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