With a deep dedication to continually expanding our support of your healing journey, we take great care in intentionally designing our expertly-crafted class schedule with a continued focus on research, refinement, and innovation


The foundation of our daily schedule lies in our signature method, which enables your nervous system to calm and regulate, and in turn, restores your body’s natural ability to function optimally:

Regardless of the retreat program you choose, every day resets your natural circadian rhythm by following a cycle of sympathetic nervous system activation in the morning to get your body circulating fresh energy, and parasympathetic recalibration in the evening to rest, digest, detox, and repair.

All of our movement classes focus on what we call 'nutritious movement' that feeds your body’s freedom to move - creating space, gaining pain-free mobility, and melting away stress hormones, while creating a deep and mindful connection with your body.

Please note that with our continued focus on wellness innovation, classes are subject to changes and updates. These enhancements will always be aligned with our core wellness methodology.


All of our daily classes are yours to freely enjoy as an essential part of your all-inclusive retreat stay with us:
Primal Yoga
With a focus on nutritious movement combined with classic yoga asana, Primal Yoga classes shift dynamically between the Yang and the Yin – contraction and release – as you enter a state of pure body flow.
‘Bliss’ is a mindful yoga and movement experience which nourishes all your senses. During this class we are exploring different practices which activate your parasympathetic nervous system to transform stress into bliss.
Fascia Blasting
Fascia-blasting leverages various modalities including hot and cold therapies, manipulation of tissue, and intentional movement to increase flexibility, recovery, range of motion, balance, metabolism, and circulation, while reducing the appearance of cellulite. We are the only resort in the world offering these classes taught by certified instructors as part of our regular schedule.
Jungle Bathing
Ease stress and worry with a guided five-sensory journey in the heart of nature – the sounds of the jungle, the scent of the flora and fauna, the sunlight playing through the trees, the feel of the breeze on your skin – that leaves you with a sense of comfort, relaxation, restored mood, and clear mind.
Guided Jungle Hikes

Following our ‘primal’ methodology, walking in nature is one of the most fundamental movements of our ancestors and provides a long, slow burn of energy helping to switch on our more sustained fat-burning mode. Discover the soulful energetic recharge available to you when you get your body moving in the vital jungle.

Sunset at The Beach

Enjoy the energy of release that comes with the simple ritual of watching the sun set, while enjoying ocean therapy at the most celebratory time of day and getting your healthy daily dose of vitamin D when the sun is less direct.

Cooking Class

Our interactive cooking classes teach you our inside tips and tricks for preparing delicious and nutritious meals at home, so you can continue your vital eating even after you leave.

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