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Is Hacienda Del Sol Wellness Center a medical facility?
Hacienda Del Sol is NOT a medical facility. We do NOT have medically trained staff, and we do NOT give medical advice. All participants are responsible to get clearance from their doctor before participating in any of our programs. Furthermore, Hacienda Del Sol is 3 hours from the closest hospital and 45 minutes from the closest clinic, therefore participants with health conditions that require fast access to health care should take that into consideration before making a reservation. We invite you to review our Terms and Conditions page for the full details.
Are there medical services available in the area?

Local government doctors and a private physician are available in Nosara (approximately nine miles away).

Do I need to be mobile to get around Hacienda Del Sol?

Yes, you do need to be mobile, as we are not wheelchair accessible.

What health and safety cautions do you take onsite to prevent the spread of COVID-19 and other communicable diseases?
We adhere to strict and stringent COVID 19 health and safety protocols. To learn more please visit our Health and Safety page.
Are there any health restrictions on your Juice Cleanse retreat?

Because Hacienda Del Sol is not a medical facility and does not have medical staff, you must get clearance from your doctor to participate in our juice cleanse program.

Furthermore, for your own safety, due to the changes in gut absorption, you cannot participate in a liver flush if you are taking certain medications. For more information please contact us before you complete your booking.


Where is Hacienda Del Sol Located?

Hacienda Del Sol is located 14 Km up the coast from Nosara, on the Guanacaste Peninsula of Costa Rica. This area of Costa Rica is one of the last remaining areas that is only accessible via dirt roads which is one of the many things that makes it so charming. Being 14 km outside of the busy touristy area of Nosara makes our retreat center the most magical place to reset and rejuvenate. There are no temptations, no noise, and no crowds. While you are in our immersive jungle retreat you will only hear the sounds of the jungle, monkeys passing through, and crickets in the night.

If you do want to plan a day trip to experience the famous landmark of Nosara we are happy to arrange an excursion.

Here is the pin of our exact location

What airport should I fly into if I plan to visit Hacienda Del Sol?

There are only two international airports in Costa Rica. San Jose which is a 6 hour drive to Hacienda Del Sol and Liberia which is a 2 hours drive to Hacienda Del Sol. If at all possible, book your flight into the Liberia airport.

What about transport from the airport to Hacienda Del Sol?

We will book a taxi for you from the airport to get to us. Once you have booked your flight just send us your flight information and we will arrange your taxi. They will be waiting for you at Liberia airport upon your exit from the airport with a sign with your name on it.

We work with a local taxi company that we’ve worked with for years, and we have secured the best prices available in the area.

The cost of the taxi varies depending on the size of your group.

  • Up to 4 people: $135 per shuttle
  • More than 5 people: $32 per person

You are completely welcome to book your own transportation through another company but you will expect to pay upwards of $160/per person for solo rides and the prices go up from there.

Car rental is also an option.

Note: all prices above are in US dollars and are listed for one way trips from Liberia to Hacienda del Sol (2 hours drive).

Do you recommend that I rent a car?
There is no need to rent a car because once you’re here there is no need for a vehicle. We recommend saving your money that you would normally have spent on a rental vehicle and putting it toward massages (far more therapeutic benefits!).
What is the temperature/weather like?

At Hacienda Del Sol, and in the Guanacaste area in general, expect warm, lush, breezy days, with highs of 82 – 92 degrees and lows 75 – 85. Because of afternoon clouds, August through November are cooler months, with highs in the 70s. Temperatures during January through April are in the mid-80’s to low-90’s.

Although Costa Rica is considered to have a stable climate, it is important to note that different temperature and weather conditions may be experienced within the same day, or within short distances, due mostly to the rugged terrain of this mountainous country. There are two well defined seasons: the rainy/green season (invierno), and the dry/summer season (verano), with one main difference between them: rainfall averages. The dry season runs from December to April, and the green season from May to November. Rainfall averages for the country may reach the highest point during the months of September and October — approximately 25 inches per month.


How long has Hacienda del Sol been in existence?

We are a family run wellness resort that has been healing our guests for close to thirty years. Our heritage runs deep.

Originally constructed in 1995 as open-air bungalows, Hacienda del Sol began as a world-renowned massage school – founded by Menlha Bruneau – specializing in our signature massage technique.

In 2012, Menlha mindfully transitioned Hacienda del Sol to her daughter and son-in-law, Crystal and Ramiro Gallardo.  Our accommodations have since undergone three thoughtful remodels, with the latest one being completed in 2022.

Devoted stewards of the land upon which Hacienda resides, Ramiro and Crystal renovated Hacienda Del Sol with luxurious upgrades and brought in innovative new healing programs – yet have always kept and honored the intimate boutique feel of Hacienda and the original healing essence of what Menlha wanted to create. We are a nature-immersive resort that honors the land with ‘nothing extra’.

A true family business, Crystal and Ramiro are dedicated to cultivating and deepening the energy in Hacienda Del Sol that it’s always been known for: the welcoming feeling of coming home to your infinite light within.

Which retreat do you recommend for me?

We invite you to take our ‘Which Wellness Retreat Do You Need‘ quiz. Alternatively, we recommend selecting the ‘Yoga Rejuvetion Retreat‘ as your base option and then adding on any desired wellness packs to create your custom stay. If you still aren’t sure, please shoot us a message with your intentions, preferences, and health goals, and we will be happy to offer you our recommendation.

How long should I book my retreat for?

Our minimum stay recommendation is 7-nights to receive benefit. All of our retreats may be extended for as long as you like, with the exception of our Juice Cleanse retreat, which has a max of 10 nights (though this, too, can be extended with the addition of any other retreats). Most people choose to stay for 3-weeks.

When should I arrive and depart?

All of our retreats are ongoing and you are welcome to start and end any day of the week.

What is your cancellation policy?
We do not offer refunds or credits for any reason. We invite you to view our Terms and Conditions page for the full details.
What all-inclusive food options does Hacienda Del Sol offer?

Hacienda Del Sol offers 3 different types of nutrient dense, and anti-inflammatory menus/meal plans (Vegetarian with Raw Vegan options – fresh juices included, Primal Ketogenic, and Juice Cleansing).

Note that the Juice Cleanse meal plan must be led by a facilitator in the custom retreats and wellness packs designed for this option.

The Vegetarian and Primal Ketogenic options – which includes fresh fish and poultry – can be chosen onsite for any other retreat.

*For those already on keto diets: If you eat strictly off the Primal Keto Daily Specials menu, you would be eating less than 25 grams of net carbs per day.

Our kitchen is open from 6am to 7pm and you are welcome to order anything you want off of the Vegetarian and Primal menus – plus juices, smoothies, coconut water, and snacks – at whatever time you like within that time-frame.

Please visit our Culinary page for full details.

What is the daily schedule of activities?

We invite you to visit our Daily Schedule page to view our list of foundational classes.

For specific daily schedule enhancements, please visit the various retreat pages for their respective daily inclusions.

Regardless of the retreat program you choose, everyday will follow a cycle of:

  • Sympathetic nervous system activation (primal yoga + fitness sessions + jungle walks) in the morning, followed by:
  • Parasympathetic nervous system activation (meditative and restorative movement classes + beach strolling & sunset watching) in the afternoon.

In this way, we are consciously allowing the recalibration of your body’s natural biorhythms to optimize its inherent healing mechanisms. We invite you to visit Our Method page for more information on this intentional biorhythm approach.

What type of yoga does Hacienda offer?
  • Primal Yoga – With a focus on nutritious movement combined with classic yoga asana, Primal Yoga classes shift dynamically between the Yang and the Yin – contraction and release – as you enter a state of pure body flow.
  • Bliss – ‘Bliss’ is a mindful yoga and movement experience which nourishes all your senses. During this class we are exploring different practices which activate your parasympathetic nervous system to transform stress into bliss.
Visit our Daily Schedule page for all class descriptions.
How much is a private yoga, primal fitness, or fascia blasting class session?
 Any of our group classes can be converted into a 60-minute private session for $120.

What massages are included in the 90-Minute Signature Massage Wellness Pack?

You may select from any of our available massages or treatments valued at $140 when you arrive onsite.

Do you offer group bookings?
Yes! Please visit our group booking page for details.
What kind of payments does Hacienda Del Sol accept?

For general bookings: For security reasons we only accept PayPal and Credit Card via a secure link or over the phone. We do not accept direct deposits.

For group bookings: For group bookings we accept wire bank transfers.

Onsite for spa treatments and shop items: We accept cash, Visa, and MasterCard.

How far is Hacienda Del Sol from the ocean and local markets?
  • Hacienda Del Sol is close to many beaches, but there are two beaches we visit most often. One is a black sand beach that is only a couple minutes’ drive or a 15-minute walk away. The other is a white sand beach with calmer water that’s perfect for snorkeling and swimming. The white sand beach is a five-minute drive or 25-minute walk away.
  • Our remote location in the jungle, miles away from the noisier cities and tourist-driven areas, keeps our essence intact so that you can be yourself without distractions. The closest town is San Juanillo, a town of 200 people, which you can reach in five minutes by car. If you’re looking for more excitement, you can head to Nosara for a day trip. Nosara is a much larger town and is about a 30-minute ride away.
Is there alcohol served at your resort?

To promote the health and wellbeing of all our guests, we are an alcohol and drug-free retreat center.

If we are coming as a couple or with friends, do we have to do the same retreat?
All of our retreats can be mixed and matched – you do not need to follow the same program.
Can I customize the retreat packages options?

All curated retreats are suggestions and can be personalized any way you wish.

For ease, we invite you to select from any of our Custom Retreats and add any desired Wellness Packs to fully complete your retreat experience.

For example, our guests often select our core Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat as a base option, and then customize with Wellness Pack add-ons from there.

Are the food and water safe?
Yes, the food and water at Hacienda Del Sol (and most spots in the area) are safe. Feel free to bring your own bottle to refill with our pure water, or you are welcome to purchase one of our signature Hacienda bottles from our gift shop.
Is there Internet access?

Yes, we have Fiber Optics installed in all bungalows and most common areas, with speed and stability ideal for working remotely and long term stays.

What is the check-in time?
You can arrive any time to enjoy the amenities, however official room check-in is at 3pm. If you arrive early, we will let you know when your room is ready.
What is the check-out time?

Our check-out time is 11am. However, if your flight is later, you are welcome to stay longer at the resort to enjoy the amenities before you leave, and we will keep your luggage for you at the front desk.


Do the bungalows have AC?
Yes! All bungalows also have ceiling fans.
Is there laundry service?
Yes, leave your clothes with us in the early morning and you will have them back in the late afternoon. There is a charge.
Is there hot water?
Yes, showers in the bathrooms have hot water.
What temperature is the cold plunge pool set at?

The temperature of the plunge pool is set to 7 degrees celsius (keep in mind this may naturally vary a bit day-to-day based on the air temperature)

Is your sauna an infrared or traditional sauna?

Our sauna is a traditional sauna. It heats the air around you to a degree that your body kickstarts its natural cooling process. This means bringing blood closer to the surface of the skin and opening the pores to release sweat for detox.

Are there safes in the bungalows?

Yes, there are laptop-sized safes in each bungalow. While it’s very secure here, we still encourage you to use them, as Hacienda Del Sol is not responsible for missing valuables.

Do the rooms have TV/Cable?
No. We aim to provide a break free from television and the everyday routine.
Am I allowed to smoke on the hotel premises?
Costa Rica has passed very strict non-smoking legislation. Smoking is prohibited in public places. Please be aware that you are not going to be able to smoke on our premises during your stay. Thank you for understanding.


Will we see wildlife?
Wildlife is very unpredictable; you never know which forest dwellers we will encounter! You are likely to see many birds, butterflies, monkeys, iguanas, and more.
Do I have to sign up for activities before I arrive?
All tours are best arranged after you arrive. This will allow you time to make yourself comfortable, get familiar with our property and the surrounding areas, talk with our staff, and learn about other guests’ experiences. The schedules for all the tours depend on the availability of the various guides and companies providing them. We do not know more than a day or two in advance which tours will be available on a particular day or at a particular hour by the local community guides.
Which beaches does the daily sunset beach shuttle go to?

The various beaches we take you to include San Juanillo Fisherman’s Beach, Marbella, Ostional, Venus Beach, and Pitahaya. The drive varies between 5 minutes and 20 minutes depending on the beach. The return shuttle after sunset is also included.

We encourage you to walk and explore the beaches. Let nature in, and recalibrate and nourish your system. Swim in the ocean and completely clear out any energies stuck in your body. Being in the ocean is one of the most powerful ways to rejuvenate your whole nervous system.

How far is the closest beach?

Outside of the daily beach shuttle, you can walk to the closest beach in about 20 minutes, or we are happy to arrange a shuttle for you. It is $10 USD each way paid directly to the driver.

Where does the jungle hike go?
The jungle hike to the beach guides you on a scenic route to San Juanillo beach. The hike takes one hour each way. You are welcome to spend time at the beach (as long as you want), and you can then either walk back or we can send a car for you at no charge.
Are there other hiking trails in the area that I can explore?

There are hiking trails accessible directly from the property. Aside from the scenic hike to the beach, the other is a more challenging hike up the mountain behind Hacienda Del Sol. The mountain hike goes on for hours and hours (you are able to turn around at any point you choose) and has many beautiful and expansive ocean and jungle views along the way.


What are the entry requirements for Costa Rica?

As of current writing, only a passport is required for entry from most countries. Due to the changing nature of entry requirements, we recommend that you visit your country’s embassy website or visitcostarica.com for the latest info on traveling here.

Do I need vaccinations to travel to Costa Rica?
No vaccinations are currently necessary for travel to Costa Rica, but for the latest information on recommended or required vaccinations, please visit your country’s embassy website or visitcostarica.com.
What is the currency in Costa Rica?

USD is generally accepted almost everywhere in Costa Rica as long as the bills are:

  • Smaller bills ($1, $5, $10, $20)
  • In good condition (no rips or tears, newer bills preferred)

You can also exchange your currency for Costa Rica colones in the airport, or withdraw colones from the ATM at the airport. Please note, we do NOT have ATMs onsite.

We invite you to check online for the latest exchange rates and to let your bank and/or credit card company know that you are traveling internationally prior to departing to prevent any unnecessary holds on your credit or debit cards.

Is tipping customary in Costa Rica?

The locals and service providers are appreciative of tips. In Costa Rica, it is customary to tip anywhere from 10% to 20% depending on what you feel called to give. Of course tips are never required.

If you wish to tip, please bring smaller bills as our front desk does not carry much change.

If you would like to leave a tip for the kitchen staff and cleaning staff after your stay, you are welcome to leave that in an envelope at the front desk and it will be distributed per your wishes.

Is there Costa Rican tax?

Yes, in Costa Rica it is mandatory that all businesses apply a 13% VAT on all purchases. Please note that all pricing listed on our website is exclusive of this tax, which will be applied at checkout.


What should I pack for a trip to Hacienda Del Sol?

Dress is casual. Bring loose, light, and flowy clothing. The most important thing is to be relaxed and feel comfortable. Light yoga wear works best. It’s usually hot, but it’s always good to bring a layer or two. Add sunglasses, a sun hat, flip-flops or easy slip-on shoes, a bathing suit, and sunscreen and you are set! You may also want to pack a journal, mosquito repellant, hiking or running shoes, a flashlight, water bottle, and/or an extra pair of flip flops.

We provide biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, and body wash. We ask that you please use ours or use yours only if it’s biodegradable. The water from the showers does help in watering our plants.

There are small markets in San Juanillo (a 5 minute cab ride away) with basic toiletries if you forget something essential like a toothbrush.

If you are joining our Juice Cleanse retreat, these are the probiotics we recommend you bring with you.

Do I need to bring my own yoga mat?

You don’t have to bring your own yoga mat. We provide you with mats, bolsters, and any other props needed for any of our classes.

Do I need to bring my own toiletries and hair dryer?

We provide you with biodegradable shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and body wash. We actually prefer you use ours because it is gentle on the ecosystem of our environment (and really lovely to use!). If you do choose to bring your own toiletries, please make sure they are biodegradable.

We have a couple of hair dryers at the front desk for those who may need one, but guests often enjoy letting their hair enjoy the moisture benefits of air-drying in the jungle air.

Do I need to bring my own robe, shower, and beach towels?

We happily provide you with robes, shower towels, and beach towels in each bungalow.

What should I do to prepare for my retreat?

You will be enjoying very clean food/juices during your stay with us. We recommend the following shifts to your diet and lifestyle upon booking your retreat.

In order to ease your body’s transition into receiving this deep level of nutrition, we recommend that you begin to incorporate vegetables and fruits in your diet (consider fruit as your treats and veggies with every meal and to replace your other snacks), while upping your water intake to 2 liters per day. It’s nice to add a little salt for electrolyte balance.

Also, it’s good to have at least one large green salad a day before your main lunch or dinner meal (for dressing we recommend olive oil and lemon), and have fruit 20 minutes before protein in the morning.

We also recommend reducing your intake of coffee and alcohol. For example, limiting your coffee intake to one cup in the morning. Also lower your consumption of processed food and grains.

If you eat eggs, we do recommend eating the yolks with the whites! As well as cooking with coconut oil, over olive oil.

It can also be helpful to begin limiting your exposure to things that trigger you and start to practice more mindfulness. This will allow you to ‘drop in’ to the tranquility easily when you arrive.

I need to stay a night in Liberia. What hotel do you recommend?

The Hilton Garden Inn Liberia Airport is basic, comfortable, and convenient to the airport. 

What type of outlets do you have?

Our outlets and voltage are the same as the US (not Europe). So if you are coming from the US you do not need a converter.

Is there anything else I need to do to prepare for my arrival?

Please email us all of your flight details to info@haciendadelsolcr.com. This includes your flight arrival and departure dates and times as well as the respective airline and flight numbers. It is best if you can send your actual flight itinerary so that we can properly track your flights to coordinate your taxi transfers to and from the airport for you.

(Please specify if you would prefer to be picked up at a hotel in Liberia or Nosara instead).

We also suggest that guests bring along a minimum of US$500 in cash (we recommend small, newer bills). The taxi from the airport is a third party company and you will need to pay cash directly to the driver both ways. Also if you wish to book excursions (beyond what is included in your retreat) the tour companies only accept cash.

Note: due to our remote location there are no ATMs. US Dollars and local Costa Rican Colones are accepted everywhere. You may use a credit card for any purchases at our resort, such as for additional spa treatments or at the gift shop.

Where will the taxi you have arranged for me pick me up?

If you have advised us of your itinerary arriving at Liberia airport (LIR), your driver will be ready and waiting for you just outside the Liberia airport exit, holding a sign with your name on it.

If you have advised us you are staying the night at a hotel in Liberia, your driver will come pick you up in the lobby.

The taxi ride is approximately 2-hours. Please see rates in ‘Location and Getting Here’ section above.

If you have advised us you are flying into Nosara (NOB) from San Jose (SJO), then your taxi driver will be waiting outside the landing strip. This taxi is US$50 paid directly to the driver in cash.

What are check-in and check-out times?

Please refer to this answer in the ‘General’ Section above.


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