We know there is no one size fits all. That’s why we’ve created a customized approach to wellness retreats. You can arrive any day of the week, stay as long as you need, and personalize your retreat with our wellness packs.

Below are our signature packages that are curated to target specific goals.


Our core retreat experience includes every element of our signature wellness method, Life Nutrition for the Nervous System™, for a full mind-body-spirit refresh. 

With a flexible schedule, as well as all-inclusive access to our world-class cuisine, amenities, and daily classes, you will leave this retreat feeling relaxed and renewed.


Full-service deliciously clean meals you are invited to order anything you want, any time you want, from our nutrient dense Primal Whole Foods Menu (several plant-based options included)

All freshly-pressed juices, smoothies, fresh coconut water, and organic teas you are welcome to order any of these throughout the day at your leisure

Our luxury private bungalows ensure a soothing place for restorative relaxation and sleep

Signature yoga and movement classes - Our yoga/movement classes flow between activation and restoration throughout the day

Primal Fitness Classes - Engage in progressive body movement exercises that take you to your edge while strengthening your mind-body connection

Breathwork/meditation - as an essential add-on to our morning yoga class, we include these grounding practices to energize your day

Full access to our stunning new hydrotherapy circuit which includes: saltwater pool area with custom-made sauna, cold plunge pool, and saltwater hot tub

Fascia-blasting classes taught by certified fascia-blasting instructors to help reduce pain and the appearance of cellulite. Exclusive to Hacienda Del Sol

Guided hike & jungle bathing - discover the energetic recharge available to you in the vital jungle

Cooking class - learn our tricks and bring them home with you

Hacienda Del Sol signature food to-go on the day you leave to skip airport food

Daily sunset beach shuttles - Receive the peace & release of the sunset, while enjoying ocean therapy

All-Inclusive pricing starting at $2,495 per guest.

Juice Cleanse

Feel clear as you flush and glow from the inside out with pure, natural cold-pressed juices and an experienced facilitator to support you.


Be fully-held by the expertise of our Primal Health Coaches to receive every element you need in the perfect amount to recover from burn-out and be fully restored.


Reboot your metabolism and burn fat forever as we guide you in escaping from carb dependency to optimize your weight, energy, movement, and diet for good.

14-Night SySTEM Detox

Kick-start your sexiest and healthiest body and mind with two weeks in beautiful Costa Rica, as you eat clean, move well, rest deeply, purge toxins, and fire-up your lifeforce.

14-Night RebalancE

Heal your nervous system, melt away tension, and recover your vitality through a series of custom-designed body work sessions with your personal highly-trained massage therapist.

21-Night Body Transformation

Embark on a next-level healing journey as you not only release excess weight, inflammation, and toxins, but have an immersive and complete shift on every level of your being.

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