Give your body the gift of nourishing movement, delicious wholesome food, and clean jungle air as you eat and move the way you were designed to.



Five 60-minute small group or personal Primal Fitness Training Sessions

Plus, everything included in the Yoga Rejuvenation Retreat:

Full-service deliciously clean meals you are invited to order anything you want, any time you want, from our nutrient dense Primal Whole Foods Menu (several plant-based options included)

All freshly-pressed juices, smoothies, fresh coconut water, and organic teas. You are welcome to order any of these throughout the day at your leisure

Our luxury private bungalows ensure a soothing place for restorative relaxation and sleep

Daily yoga/movement classes - With a focus on nutritious movement, classes flow dynamically between the Yang and the Yin

Unlimited access to our stunning new hydrotherapy circuit which includes: saltwater pool area with custom-made sauna, cold plunge pool, and saltwater hot tub

Multiple weekly fascia-blasting classes taught by certified fascia-blasting instructors to help reduce pain and the appearance of cellulite. Exclusive to Hacienda del Sol

One guided hike and jungle bathing to discover the energetic recharge available to you in the vital jungle

One cooking class - learn our tricks and bring them home with you

Hacienda del Sol signature food to-go on the day you leave to skip airport food

Daily sunset beach shuttles - Receive the peace & release of the sunset, while enjoying ocean therapy


This retreat is for anyone who wants to enhance their fitness in a sustainable, integrated way that honors the wisdom and design of their body.

By using progressive body-movement exercises, breathing practices, compensation yoga, and joint mobilization, Primal Fitness excels at reviving your body’s innate strength and pain-free mobility, as well as cardiovascular conditioning.

This is a very flexible retreat where you can unplug, eat healthy detoxifying food, do yoga everyday, and relax in nature, with the addition of our invigorating fitness classes.


  • Build strength, conditioning, mobility, and flexibility with a combination of primal yoga, primal movement, and reflect and recharge classes that reach your edge without pushing past it.
  • Slow life down, taking time for play, sunlight and fresh air, and adequate sleep.
  • Efficiently detox from sugar, as well as reduce excess body fat , with natural, easy-to-maintain lifestyle and diet changes.
  • Participate in daily activities that are rich in “nutritious movement” (movement that nourishes your freedom to move) and give you a deeper connection with your body and your relationship to nature.
  • Connect with the healing benefits of being immersed in nature and recalibrate your natural circadian rhythms.


Arrival and departure dates are flexible and multiple weeks can be booked

Double Occupancy
(per person)
Single Occupancy
(per person)
Standard Rates/7 Nights *Quoted in USD
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
Holiday Season December 20 - January 5
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
*All prices include 13% taxes. *Holiday prices may be reduced on days outside holiday dates.

(*) Tierra These bungalows have the smallest layout. They also have smaller desks and small, ensuite bathrooms with showers. Read more about Tierra

(*) Pura These bungalows have the second largest layout and larger ensuite private bathrooms with indoor/outdoor shower option. They also have large, teak desks making them more suitable for working from paradise. Read more about Pura

(*) Cielo – Our four extra-premium, newly-renovated (2022) Cielo bungalows have the highest-end finishes, largest layout, and large ensuite bathrooms with indoor/outdoor showers and luxurious floating stone bathtubs on your large private terrace Read more about Cielo

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