Over these 21-nights you will embark on a healing journey like nothing you have ever experienced before as you not only release excess weight, inflammation, and toxins, but have an immersive and complete shift on every level of your being.




  • Cleanse & detox
  • Melt away fat
  • Build tone & strength
  • Repair mind, body, spirit
  • Immersive reset
  • Deep transformation


Week 1 – Burn-Out Recovery

Four Primal Health Coaching Sessions – Over the course of your first four 60-minute Primal Health Coaching Sessions, your health coach will work with you to create a customized plan to take you from chronic depletion – along with its myriad of health symptoms – to full restoration. This phase is designed to help you recover from the burn out of modern life, an essential first step on your healing journey.

20-Minute Private Intake Session with a Primal Health Coach – Meet with your coach prior to your arrival so they can best customize your overall stay to meet your unique health goals.

90-minute deep tissue Rebalance massage – Our healing signature massage targets imbalances in the body and calms the nervous system. May be substituted for any spa treatment of your preference of equal or lesser value.

Week 2 – Metabolic Rewire

Four Primal Health Coaching Sessions – During these four sessions, you will learn about and personalize your perfect life-long food plan that works for you. You will never be hungry. And you will never eat anything that doesn’t taste good.

Calorie-controlled and nutritionally-balanced sugar detox cuisine – Now that you are rested and restored, it’s time to update your meal plan to help you gain metabolic flexibility and switch into fat burning mode.

90-Minute Fascia-Blasting Body Treatment – Releases the ‘gristle’ in your tissue using special tools to smooth cellulite, release lymph stagnation, clear stored trauma, break up adhesions and scar tissue, and increase circulation. May be substituted for any spa treatment of your preference of equal or lesser value.

Week 3 – Cellular Renew

Four Primal Health Coaching Sessions – Now that you are fully restored and fat-adapted, at the discretion of you and your health coach, you will undergo a deep detox that conditions your nervous system for the ultimate stress resilience.

Specialty Meal Plan Using Alternate Day Bone Broth Fasting – This fasting schedule puts your body into cellular detox by reducing the energy used for digestion and diverting it to a deep and important cellular cleansing function called ‘autophagy’.

75-minute Lymphatic Drainage Massage – This massage will stimulate the lymphatic system and support the body in releasing toxins, sluggishness, puffiness, and bloat. May be substituted for any spa treatment of your preference of equal or lesser value.

Reintegration – Everything from the prior weeks will be completely integrated and leave you ready to bring your fully transformed body-being and new stress-resilient lifestyle back home, so you can live with strength, clarity, energy, and purpose.

Plus, everything included in The Rejuvenation Retreat (with the substitution of your specialty meal plans for weeks 2 and 3):

Full-service deliciously clean meals – you are invited to order anything you want, any time you want, from our nutrient dense Primal Whole Foods Menu (several plant-based options included)

All freshly-pressed juices, smoothies, fresh coconut water, and organic teas – You are welcome to order any of these throughout the day at your leisure

Our luxury private bungalows ensure a soothing place for restorative relaxation and sleep

Signature Primal Yoga & Movement classes – Our yoga and mindful movement classes flow between activation and restoration throughout the day

Unlimited access to our stunning new hydrotherapy circuit which includes: saltwater pool area with custom-made sauna, cold plunge pool, and saltwater hot tub

Fascia-blasting classes taught by certified fascia-blasting instructors to help reduce pain and the appearance of cellulite. Exclusive to Hacienda del Sol

Primal Fitness classes – Engage in progressive body movement exercises that take you to your edge while strengthening your mind-body connection

Breathwork / Meditation classes – as an essential add-on to our morning yoga class, we include these grounding practices to energize your day

Guided hike and jungle bathing – discover the energetic recharge available to you in the vital jungle

Cooking class – learn our tricks and bring them home with you

Hacienda del Sol signature food to-go on the day you leave to skip airport food

Daily sunset beach shuttles – Receive the peace & release of the sunset while enjoying ocean therapy


This retreat is for those who are desiring deep transformation from the inside out, not only in body – but also in mind and spirit.

We offer you a fully-immersive and completely supported journey that takes you from clearing, cleansing, and detoxing your body through a baseline recalibration as you release excess weight and heal your metabolism to total restoration of optimal vitality.


This retreat offers a custom-curated arc of experience for total body transformation.
Leveraging our signature method, Life Nutrition™, you will be taken on a personalized journey through our four phases of healing that restore your nervous system, torch fat, fire up your energy, shed toxins, melt stress, and give you unstoppable and sustained power:

  1. Burn-Out Recovery
  2. Metabolic Rewire
  3. Cellular Renew
  4. Reintegration

Your trained Primal Health Coach will work with you to create the optimal wellness plan for you both while you are with us and beyond, while your targeted weekly body treatments will accelerate your results.
You will gain full self-mastery over your body and mind, and leave with confidence and trust in your inner-authority to guide you in designing your ideal health and life.


Double Occupancy
(per person)
Single Occupancy
(per person)
Standard Rates/21 Nights *Quoted in USD
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
High Season December 20 – April 30
Tierra Bungalow
Pura Bungalow
Cielo Newly Renovated Deluxe Bungalow
*All prices include 13% taxes. *Holiday prices may be reduced on days outside holiday dates.

(*) Tierra These bungalows have the smallest layout. They also have smaller desks and small, ensuite bathrooms with showers. Read more about Tierra

(*) Pura These bungalows have the second largest layout and larger ensuite private bathrooms with indoor/outdoor shower option. They also have large, teak desks making them more suitable for working from paradise. Read more about Pura

(*) Cielo – Our four extra-premium, newly-renovated (2022) Cielo bungalows have the highest-end finishes, largest layout, and large ensuite bathrooms with indoor/outdoor showers and luxurious floating stone bathtubs on your large private terrace Read more about Cielo

Complete your experience with these suggested wellness packs


Restore your body, rebalance your nervous system, renew your spirit.

Signature Massage 3-Pack ($420) – Select from any of our available massages or treatments valued at $140 when you arrive onsite.

Rebalancing Massage 10-Pack ($1395) – This pack applies specifically to our signature Rebalance full-body massage with its special focus on targeting imbalances in the body and calming the nervous system. Your highly skilled therapist will get to know you and your body over the course of these sessions to restore the deepest balance possible and bring you back into alignment.


Choose from a selection of the best detox therapies. We recommend any combination of Detox Massages, Body Scrubs, and Fascia Blasting, however you may customize your pack with your preferred treatments of choice. Our staff will happily guide you in selecting available options.

5-Pack ($800)

10-Pack ($1600)


Includes five 90-minute fascia blasting deep tissue bodywork sessions that release the ‘gristle’ in your tissue using special tools to smooth cellulite, release lymph stagnation, reduce joint discomfort and muscle tension, clear stored trauma, break up adhesions and scar tissue, and increase mobility and circulation.

Your massage therapist will work with you to design a series of five sessions perfect for your needs.



 Our Nervous System Reset wellness pack uses Network Spinal – a gentle, holistic wellness technique – that focuses on healing through the nerves. A series of personalized sessions, consisting of gentle contacts along the spine, entrain the brain in establishing new neural connections associated with ease and well-being. These new neural pathways can then override the old, destructive, stress patterns. Whether you’re hardwired trauma pattern is physical, mental or emotional, this re-organization of the nervous system will shift you from chronic tension and pain to harmony, balance, and adaptability. In depth assessment of the nervous system using a thermographic scan and comprehensive health interview is included for targeted support and progress checks. 

4-Pack – $480

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